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Types of Cores:

Particleboard Core (FSC®, NAUF, ULEF)
Medium Density Fiber Core (MR, FSC®, NAF, ULEF)
Veneer Core (FSC®, NAUF)
Combi Veneer Core
Perma Core I
Perma Core II

Thickness & Size:

5/32 to 1-1/4 Thick

Sizes Available:

4X8      4x6      5x8      4x10    4x12
8X4      6x4      8x4      10x4


Other Products


Bending Panels


1/8 1/4 3/8


Fire-Retardant Panels

Particleboard Core – Class I
Medium Density Fiber Core – Class I
Counter Fronts
Beaded Panels
Type 1 – Glue Panels

Veneer Types

Veneer Types · Veneer Matching · Core Types



The log is mounted in a lath and turned against the knife much like unwinding a roll of paper.

Quarter Sliced

The log is mounted so that the knife cuts the growth rings at right angles, producing a straight-grain appearance.

Rift Cut

Rift cut veneer is produced in various species of oak. By cutting at a slight angle off quarter, the flake figure of the medullary rays are avoided.

Plain Sliced (flat cut)

The half log or flitch is mounted so that the cut is parallel to the growth rings. This type of cut produces a cathedral figure.

Half-Round Sliced

This method of cutting is on an arc roughly parallel to the center of the log.

Veneer Matching

Veneer Types · Veneer Matching · Core Types


Booking Matching

Alternating pieces of veneer from a flitch are turned over so that adjacent leaves are opened as two pages of a book. This creates a symmetrical pattern.

Slip Matching

Veneer sheets are joined side by side with the same face side up to product a repeating flitch figure.

Pleasing Match

Veneers are matched for color and grain with no sharp contrasts at the joints.

Random (Mismatch)

Veneer are joined with the intention of creating an unmatched effect.

Core Types

Veneer Types · Veneer Matching · Core Types


Veneer Core

Consists of layers of veneer arranged at right angles prior to a face and back being applied.

ParticleBoard Core

Consists of particles and chips of wood bonded together with an adhesive.

Medium Density Fiber Core

Consists of extruded fibers forming a homogeneous product

Combi Veneer Core

Veneer core with MDF cross bands

Permacore I

OSB core with MDF Crossbands

Permacore II

OSB core with Veneer Crossbands


Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a material with high mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction.