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Who We Are

Our Mission


At DVC, we serve wholesale distributors, fine furniture manufacturers, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, architectural millwork manufacturers, boat manufacturers, and other OEM firms.


We’re dedicated to consistently providing a high-quality product and dependable customer service—as only a company that’s been around 100 years can. DVC blends our rich knowledge based on a century of production and engineering experience with modern manufacturing techniques and a commitment to sustainability, which results in a superior product.





For more than a century, we have built a reputation as a leader in the wood products industry. This is a company built on hard work, sustainable sourcing, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to producing quality Permawood® Hardwood Plywood products.

It all started with a vision in 1918, when Sherman Ramsey founded Darlington Veneer Company in Darlington, South Carolina. Now the third generation of family ownership oversees the operation on the exact same site. Darlington Veneer Company has grown on the shoulders of hardworking men and women who dedicate their lives to a practice and service that have, for long, distinguished DVC: setting the standard for high-quality hardwood plywood and excellent customer service.

We now provide a wide variety of our signature Permawood® Hardwood Plywood products, including most domestic and many imported species of wood veneers with a range of cores in a choice of thicknesses and in lengths of six to 12 feet. Wholesale distributors, cabinet manufacturers, furniture plants, and millwork fabricators across the country have come to rely on DVC.



DVC Today



Sherman Ramsey opens Darlington Veneer Company as a single-ply veneer mill with 15 employees. He purchases logs from local farmers and converts them on a rotary lathe. One of the first customers is Radio Corp of America/Victor Talking Machines.


Quality improves thanks to mechanical advancements; Ford Motor Company selects Darlington Veneer Company to do its vehicle detailing.


Business increases as veneer furniture becomes more popular. Darlington Veneer Company provides lids for cigar boxes for America Tobacco Company and begins to create stock panels for the building trade.


Darlington Veneer Company joins the war effort. Plywood is shipped by carload for the next several years to aid the building of Liberty ships.


After World War II, with machinery available again, complete modernization of the plant takes place. Building trades flourish.


 • Darlington Veneer Company acquires the tradename Permawood®.

• “V” groove paneling begins as millions of homeowners choose this style.


• Modernization continues. Prefinished panels and country-wide shipping boost sales for Darlington Veneer Company, which has by this time grown to 200 employees.

• Purchasing of timberland begins and new species acquired.

• Darlington Veneer Company emerges as a premier supplier for builders, architects, and craftsmen across the nation.


Additional pressing and sanding capacity added.


New sawing and sanding equipment added.


Darlington Veneer Company celebrates 100th anniversary and ushers in a new chapter of innovation built on a tradition of hard work and dedication.


DVC Today


Formerly known as Darlington Veneer Company, we adopted the moniker DVC in 2018 to better reflect our global reach and focus, which extends beyond veneer products. We are one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of quality hardwood plywood products in the United States, and we have established DVC as a leader in environmental safety and conservation. Lifetimes of dedication—some employees have spent more than 40 years in service—have gone into the creation of outstanding products.


Our Team




The DVC team is made up of dedicated hardwood plywood manufacturers, salespeople, and administrative personnel working together on 19 acres of land in Darlington, South Carolina.

Rich Smothers General Manager

Rich Smothers
General Manager

John Stevenson IT Manager

John Stevenson
IT Manager

Charles Taylor Plant Superintendent

Charles Taylor
Plant Superintendent

Danny Dill Maintenance Superintendent

Danny Dill
Maintenance Superintendent

Sharon Britton HR Manager

Sharon Britton
HR Manager

Renee Anderson HR Assistant

Renee Anderson
HR Assistant

Rene Wells Purchasing Manager

Rene Wells
Purchasing Manager

Jason Davis Purchasing Assistant

Jason Davis
Purchasing Assistant

Lynn Woodring Accounting

Lynn Woodring

Hugh Reynolds Sales Representative

Hugh Reynolds
Sales Representative

Andrea Bonnoitt Sales Representative

Andrea Bonnoitt
Sales Representative

Nace Austin Sales Representative

Nace Austin
Sales Representative

Hannah Howle Sales Assistant

Hannah Howle
Sales Assistant

Ben Richardson Certified Forester

Ben Richardson
Certified Forester


Our Mission

DVC will serve as an industry leader, delivering the highest-quality, sustainable, hands-on manufactured products on a global scale. DVC is distinguished by excellent hometown service and a commitment to environmental safety and preservation.